Monday, November 13, 2023

"The More You Know..." Aristotle

 Well, we are racing towards yet another Government Shutdown - and no one cares.

The Republicans, after weeks of dithering, found a new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. Mike is a Christian Nationalist. He thinks America should be governed by the Bible. Not the slavery part. And not the incest part. And not the killing your neighbors part. And not the multiple wives part. But definitely the "no gay sex" part.

He passed in Louisiana the Covenant Marriage laws, which allows people to marry with a much reduced set of acceptable reasons for divorce. Call it the "Listen to Your Man or Else" Act. No divorce for mental cruelty, or no-fault, or due to irreconcilable differences.


Mage Mike has to coral his caucus to pass a bill that keeps the government open and must be passed in about a week. Americans have seen so much grandstanding on this that we no longer fear or even expect it. It has been threatened and not come to pass so much, we are complacent. I hope we are right.

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