Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Somethings you have to see to believe

 Perhaps you have heard of George Santos. He is an infamous liar who was not discovered until he was in Congress. Examples of lies: he said his grandparents were Jewish and escaped the Nazis - no proof yet, he said his mother was hurt in 9/11 a the World Trade Center - she was in Brazil, he says he is gay - but is married to a woman.. 

Well, let's just let Vox sum it up.

The sordid saga of Santos started when the Times found that he apparently did not graduate from Baruch College, he did not work for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, there were no records of him being a successful financier, nor were there of him registering his animal rescue charity. The Times also found that he had been charged with check fraud in Brazil.

Further, a number of outlets have found no evidence of Santos’s repeated claims to be Jewish, to have Jewish heritage, or to be descended from refugees fleeing the Holocaust. Santos even described himself at one point as a “proud American Jew” in a campaign position paper.

In a media tour with friendly outlets on December 26, Santos admitted to putting “a little bit of fluff” on his résumé. In other words, he conceded that he never graduated from college, never worked for Goldman Sachs or Citigroup, and wasn’t Jewish (though he claimed to be “Jew-ish”). Santos brushed off lying about basic biographical information as embellishment, and he pushed back on the Times’s reporting about his criminal charge in Brazil. “I am not a criminal,” he told the New York Post. In May, however, he accepted a plea deal in a remote court hearing in Rio de Janeiro, where he admitted his guilt and agreed to pay roughly $2,000 in fines and $2,800 in restitution in exchange for having the charges dropped.

There was a movement to kick him out of Congress last week, and he survived. Not because they like or believe him, but because their working majority is only 4 votes, and they cannot afford to lose any vote.

Fair enough. After not losing the vote, he wrote to everyone who voted to keep him in order to thank him. But some of his "supporters" were not amused. Here is the red-lined version that one Congressman returned to him. Select to see it larger! It is a piece of work.

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