Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Say It Ain't So Joe... err Scott

 I agree with the House Freedom Caucus.

Let me restate. I agree with the position of the House Freedom Caucus, albeit for entirely different reasons.

The House Freedom Caucus does not agree with the stop-gap funding plan because they want more concessions and cuts to things like the IRS and SNAP (food stamps to help feed the poor).

On the other hand, I think it is detrimental to the future. Here is what is proposed: cutting the funding into two parts. Here are the details (from CBS:)

A document explaining Johnson's proposal to House Republicans, obtained by The Associated Press, said funding for four spending bills would be extended until Jan. 19. Veterans programs, and bills dealing with transportation, housing, agriculture and energy, would be part of that extension.

Funding for the eight other spending bills, which include defense, the State Department, Homeland Security and other government agencies would be extended until Feb. 2.

Why do I disapprove? And disapprove enough that I think the Democrats should shut down the government? 

The bifurcation of spending just means that Republicans can continue to fund war and semi-military functions but can then stall and hold up the other funding until they are cut from the budget or greatly reduced. My bet would be that the next thing they try to "carve out" will be Veteran's Benefits so they can support them (hopefully) but pass on everything else.

Are Democrats stupid here? (PS - the answer here is - yes, they are this stupid.)

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