Thursday, November 2, 2023

Sabbath's Theater

 Why do you name a child Sabbath? Oh well, on with the show.

Phillip Roth is a great writer. He is also a misogynist, nihilist prick. Unfortunately, the new play Sabbeth’s Theater is based on one of his most famous books. One that features a protagonist who is a misogynist, nihilist prick.

Doesn’t sound like a fun night at the theater, does it? Well, it isn’t. And that is too bad. I think it was a product of John Turturro’s love of the book and a desire to see it on stage. But reverence of the material does not a great play make. In this case, it does not an average play make.

A great cast. Kind of wasted.

I would love to explain the plot. Really. As far as I can recall, without going through PTSD and having to relive it, an unpleasant man tries to kill himself until he almost succeeds and then changes his mind.

Don’t let this fool you. It isn’t as good as it sounds.

Nope. Not a rehearsal pic. From the actual show

From the writers

What drew us to adapting the filthiest of Philip Roth’s novels? Its morality. Its tenderness. Its comic intensity. The deep exploration of our human frailties, our repulsiveness, our vulnerability, our grief, our contradictions and our capacity for love.

Ariel Levy and John Turturro

Um... Okay.

The acting was good if way over the top. 

I wanted to love it. I didn’t.

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