Friday, November 10, 2023

Oh Tommy....

 Senator from Alabama, elected with no previous experience except he was a successful football coach at Auburn University. 


Well, good old boy Tommy has put a hold on ALL military promotions (the 400+ who need Senate approval to move up) because he doesn't believe in Abortion.

He so* doesn't believe in Abortion that the military policy to reimburse female armed forces personnel if they have to travel to get an abortion. He has had his little "old white man fit" because, I guess, women in the military shouldn't fuck have adult sexual relationships. (Oddly, under his guidance, lesbian and gay relationships in the military are preferable to the possibility of pregnancy and a woman not doing exactly what he says.)

Interestingly, this is not a new policy for the military. In the past, it was extended to those military women who served in countries where abortion is illegal, like Djibouti, Qatar, and Afghanistan. Since many of our United States have joined these illiberal places, the policy has been extended to those states where abortion is illegal - namely, all of the South and much of the Mid and Mountain West.

And here is a white, 69-year-old man, whose most significant interactions with non-whites is Tubby giving orders to a football squad, and an elected Senator who thinks the Senate and the House of Representatives are two of our three branches of government (they are not, they are both part of the "legislative" branch, the other two are executive and judicial.) But he is smart enough to know that women do not deserve bodily autonomy. Maybe he was frightened by a pregnant woman at a young age. Or perhaps he was turned off by a woman breastfeeding in college. Or, again, perhaps he his just a fascist idiot.

Ah.. our government. The best that money can buy.

* A the wording (He soooo doesn't...) is a tribute to Matthew Perry, who brought us all laughs via Chandler Bing.

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