Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Yes, it is satire, but a little to true!

We have ourselves a new Speaker of the House. Unlike most countries, even though the government fell essentially, the Republicans have been back to try try again - it over and over. Well, we finally have a winner.  Mike Johnson.

He does really, really hate gay people - so there is that. 

He filed an amicus brief against overturning sodomy in 2004. (Which outlawed gay sex up until 2004 in about 25 states.)

He filed an amicus brief against gay marriage in 2015.

He voted against a bill to preserve gay marriage in 2022 (yep - last year).

He introduced a "Don't Say Gay" bill in the US House this year.

He also led the charge to overturn the election of Joe Biden in the House. He accused the voting company of having software developed by Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - even though Hugo has been dead for years. And, unlike FOX NEWS, which had to repudiate that idea and was fined 750 Million dollars, good old Mikie still pedals that story.

He voted for the Stopgap bill that Biden and McCarthy agreed to. Then voted against following it a month later and voted to shut down the government.


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