Thursday, October 12, 2023

What the absolute fuck

 The first thing to remember about Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville is that he became famous as a College Football Coach and was elected into the Senate with zero political experience.

And less than zero intelligence.

He doesn't understand the 3 branches of government and has held military promotions in critical areas (the only areas the Senate MUST vote one) for a year. He is protesting the policy of the military to provide (female soldiers) transportation to a state that offers abortion if they are posted in a state that doesn't allow abortion - and they desire one.

This is why he is protesting. By the way, it has been the policy of the government for decades if someone wants an abortion and is posted where they cannot get one (some overseas countries).

But now he doesn't want to pick sides in the Middle East. Someone should tell him that the US has already picked the anti-Iran, anti-Syria, and anti-Hamas side. It might not be right, but we have done this.

And then there are actually fucking Nazis. Parading around. WTF

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  1. If they can ban books the "disturb" someone, they I think they should ban Nazis because they really disturb me. Scary times.


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