Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Some notes on Aging

 I am here to give you the benefit of my many many years of aging.

1. Contrary to fake news, you do not suddenly accept your looks after 60. Accept them now; they will only get worse.

2. Room temperature preferences get more set in stone. Make friendly with your partner now.

3. those aren't knee wrinkles. It is you leg flesh stopped by your knees before it sluffs off onto the ground.

4. There are things you have much more patience with. And things you have so much less patience with. Try to get a grip on them now or you will go crazy (Serenity Now!)

5. Whatever food effects you know, it will get more pronounced and worse as you age.

6. If you think tequila gave you a hangover when you were younger - just wait.

7. Don't play pickleball - you'll break a hip.

8. You did not forget that word, but it does take longer to retrieve it from storage. No doubt you will remember when it is moments too late.

9. All those things that bothered you socially when you were younger. Yeah, for some reason they still come up in your dreams. I thought I would age out of them too.

10. There are no quick fixes.

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