Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Rhetoric becomes actually scary

 The rhetoric in the country by Trump and his supporters is truly scary. Look, I have tried to stay away from all this, and I will continue. I try to ignore the posting for dollars daily shit. I haven't sad much about Trump, Geatz, Taylor Green Bobert, and others. But I do need to share a bit.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has literally...

  1. Called for the death of General Mark Milley - his appointment as Joint Chief of Staff when he was el Presidenté
    1. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican Representative in Congress, agreed Mark Milley should be shot!
  2. Called for looters to be shot on site
  3. Called for the United States to bomb Mexico and the Mexican Cartels
  4. Posted and published personal details for a Court Clerk working in his fraud trial's courtroom. And gives the old "I hope nothing happens to her" routine.
  5. Called the current President a crook, demented, and senile.
  6. Called for media site NBC to be shut down
  7. Called the reporters on MSNBC as traitors to the nation who should be jailed or worse.
Kids, this has passed from funny to deranged and scary as hell.

And now his supporters in the media are LITERALLY calling those who disagree "potential collaborators."

She is also accusing the Biden administration of trafficking children to the Jews, who are then drinking their blood. Protocols of the Elders of Zion anyone? Anyone!! (crickets)

You have to actively work hard to not notice the parallels to WWII Germany, Italy, and the USSR. I know that comparing leaders to the Nazis is stupid and overreacting. But Trump is following their playbook. He is making plans to fire 2,000 federal workers if he is reelected and install loyalists.

And how's your day?

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