Monday, September 25, 2023

What I Have Learned From Watching Love Island (Really)

Love Island was a pandemic watch for Ed and me. We have even watched a couple since then. But last night, we hit the wall. It has been a transition watch for years now. You know, that down period in the house is when Ed goes from work to non-work mode.

Yesterday, we stopped. Sure, we may change our mind, but for now, we are finí.

But I have learned many things from Love Island, particularly Love Island USA. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Younger generations are much less worried about dating outside their race nowadays. The days when black people exclusively dated blacks or white people exclusively dated whites seem long gone - at least on TV.

2. "Influencer" is a job now. It sounds asinine, but it's true. And, after thinking about it, it makes sense. Young people chase the "influencer" job like previous generations chased jobs on Broadway, and my generation chased work on TV and film. And "influencer" actually makes sense when you realize that many (most) young people don't watch TV. They get their advertising advice from influencers on social media. They may not get residuals, but they certainly can make a lot.

3. Consent, at least on this show, is very very real. (Young) Men and women will get very close to their first kiss, and either the woman will go in for it or the man will actually say "Can I kiss you?" And, oddly, it isn't moment killing. Whispered consent can be very hot when done right.

4. Women across cultures (okay, Australia, UK, US and South Africa - so traditionally Anglo-White cultures) say that they want a man who is nice and funny. But their heads are turned by hot men - and not at all by nice or funny. Now, this could be a result of biological hardwiring, but girls cannot be honest about it. Men, on the other hand, say they are looking for hot, and mean it. (I use the term girls here, because I think they grow out of this phase. I use the term men here because, guys don't grow out of this.)

5. Males touching each other, holding, and hugging is fine now for straight guys. Quite a change from my days.

6. Bisexuality in women is the norm. At least being "open" to it. Usually, 1 or 2 female exploring their sexuality occurs. And by exploring I mean heavy make-out sessions.

7. Privacy is not a huge deal for these kids. They all sleep in one big room and more than a few have sex under the covers. And we all know this (including them) because of infrared cameras at night. And yes, they fully know. And yes, they are fine with it but are worried their parents will see it.

8. Underboob is the new bikini.

9. Guys today know their bodies are their selling point and work out and take steroids like crazy. It makes sense that I read body dysmorphia is endemic in girls and boys today.

I found most of this surprising. 

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