Wednesday, September 27, 2023

I WANT to like Tim Scott

 Tim Scott is the black, gay*, Republican candidate running for President in the primaries. And, compared to most Republicans, he has been reasonable in the past.

But in commenting on the Auto Workers strike, he said Ronald Reagan had the right idea when he fired thousands of striking Air Traffic Controllers. And said we should do the same with the autoworkers on strike.

Is he stupid or lying?

So to be clear. 

1) The Labor Relations Act of 1935 grants private company workers the right to strike without being fired.

2) The Air Traffic Controllers were not private company employees; they were Federal Employees who agreed to NOT strike as part of their employment. The idea here is that Air Traffic Controllers all on strike would be a disaster for flying. FYI - the strike was always limited and partial to keep air traffic functional.

3) Even if they were to be fired from their auto jobs, it would not be the President of the country who fired workers from Ford, Chevrolet, and Stellantis**. The idea of the Federal Government reaching into the private sector to fire workers is illegal, dumb, and a bit terrifying.

Even if a Senator had no idea of the country's laws - a situation that Tommy Tuberville has already proven totally possible - you should brush up on the laws you are commenting on if you are running for President.


* Tim Scott claims to be as straight as any other 58-year-old, wealthy, eligible bachelor who has never dated. Who wouldn't want to date that hunk in a Cosmo pose above? To prove this claim, he has now stated he has been dating a "nice Christian girl" for a long time, and she just doesn't want anyone to know her. Totally makes sense for a man running for President.

** Stallantis is the new name for Jeep - Chrysler - Fiat - Citroen - Vauxhall - more. It is not a new competitor of Mylanta.

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  1. I don't trust or like most of what he says .... I think he's simply pandering to Trump's base.


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