Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Horrible Weather | Corrupt Politicians | War Crimes : The New Normal

 Humans have a unique ability/limitation to normalize behavior that might initially surprise them. It is an evolved talent. If you see a previously harmless situation that turns hazardous - like bears beginning to show up in backyards - we quickly put it into our experience and stop being surprised.

It has served us well as we evolved. But now, it serves us poorly. Americans have gotten so used to "abnormal" situations that we are numb to them. Look at these three problems.

Hurricanes, Fires, Floods and natural disasters made worse by Climate Change - meh

Russia commits war crimes in Ukraine killing, raping, and making thousands homeless,

91 Felony Counts. Convicted of Sexual Assault. Polling for President shows him tied with Joe Biden. 

And none of these situations surprise us anymore. Most don't even bother us.

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