Friday, September 29, 2023

Explaining why our government will shut down - using Monopoly

 Let us for a moment, understand the looming government shutdown via a simple example.

1. This started when the debt limit was about to be breached. The compromise to raise the debt limit occurred on June 1, 2023. The legislation includes new spending limits in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling for two years.

2. Then the House moved on to other business. It was like if you played Monopoly and took a break for lunch.

3. After lunch, you all went back to the monopoly board, but the pain in the ass kid now wanted to change the rules. Like, if you want to keep playing, he wanted Michigan Ave. and Park Place. This is essentially what the crazy caucus in the House has done.

They agreed to one set of rules, then decided to change the rules if people wanted to play. Otherwise, they will (as a young Ed did) flip the board and refuse to clean up.

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