Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Republican judges appointed by Donald Trump ignore Supreme Court rulings to screw the gays

 Look, I get no pleasure in being right. Well, I get a lot of pleasure being right, but none with this.

When the Supreme Court let stand an obvious unconstitutional law in Texas - allowing the 6 week abortion ban to stay in effect over 6 months BEFORE the court decision - I said this would bit us all in the ass. The Supreme Court is, quite literally, the highest court in our country, and all other courts are supposed to follow their decisions.

You know, unless they are about fags or other people Republicans hate.

So the circuit court upheld Alabama's anti-trans child law, but claiming the precedent in a decision that was overturned when a law was passed to stop gays from adoption. That law is no longer in force as it was overruled when gays got the right to be married. It was cited to support this law by the Judge. It was cited repeatedly (4 times) and the laws overruling it were ignored.

The Judge also used the Dobbs decision on gun rights to say that since there were no trans-inclusive rights in 1868, none are Constitutional now. 

In Florida, the court ruled to let stand a law that outlaws Chinese "parties" to buy land or homes in Florida. It also charges sellers with a 1 year prison sentence for doing so. They relied on a law from 1913 in Washington and California that barred non-citizens from buying, leasing or using land in the United States. A law that has since been overruled.

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