Saturday, August 26, 2023

Oh My! You mean it wasn't a principled stance?

Far be it for me to question the motivations of the Florida Fire Departments, but...

Reedy Creek used to be the special tax district (think county for US, council for UK) for DisneyWorld in Florida. Basically, it was a district that Disney ran directing and paying the Fire Department, Sanitation, Police, roads, etc. for the Disney Property Area. It is 36 sq. miles (about half the size of the District of Columbia - so yeah, big!)

Now when Disney Copr actually came out against DeSantis' "Don't say gay bill" - after a lot of shareholder pushback! -, then, Ron DeSantis took over the Disney Reedy Creek Board. Saying the the special district gave Disney too much power and too many tax breaks.

Most of the operating groups inside Reedy Creek as well as the counties next to Reedy Creak, now on the hook of about $1 Billion dollars in debt, nearly all of these groups were united against this Republican vindictive move by DeSantis. 

Almost all, except the Fire Department - which was one of the unions on the DeSanctemonious side statewide.

Well, last week the new Ron DeSantis governing board  in charge of Reedy Creek took away the perk Disney had given all these employees who worked for Reedy Creek and not Disney proper. 

DeSantis' Board took away the free Disney Entrance Passes Reedy Creek used to give the employees. They said it was an illegal perk and bribe to Reedy Creek employees.

Firefighters, and others, whose children suddenly don't get into Disney free anymore - well now they are upset. They don't want "woke" Disney, but they are freaking out they are losing "woke" Disney's perks.

The firefighters have, surprisingly*, changed their minds. LOUDLY.

*sarcastic voice

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