Friday, August 25, 2023

Octopuses where we don't expect them

 Octopi are cold-blooded creatures, that usually lay eggs under rocky outcroppings in the ocean. After they are laid, the mother will usually clutch and protect them, dying as their eggs are hatched. 

However, scientists have just found that Octopus will also lay eggs much deeper in the ocean, around heat vents. They explored one off the Coast of Central California and found an entire clutch of these nests. Normally, they cannot be seen easily, they will blend into the color of the ledge. But down here, where there do not appear to be many predators, they are abundant.

The story is very cool.

PS - I like this post because it uses all three versions of the plural for Octopus: Octopi, Octopuses and Octopus

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