Monday, August 21, 2023

Maybe it is time to update this word

The word "homophobic" is used in both the murder stories in the previous post. I am not sure it is the right use of the word. Let's look at the definition.

But I don't think those attacks were homophobic. Being killed over a flag, or over having cigarettes outside, that isn't someone who is only "showing a dislike or prejudice against gay people."

Killing people is not homophobic. Killing people is fucking murder. Over the week-end in New York, someone drove through a crosswalk. He is called a murder, not walking-phobic.  A shark attacks people. The shark is not human-phobic, it is a killer.

Killing gays is a direct result of lies and fear mongering. Homophobia, like that crazy ass woman who refuses to even think about making a gay web site - and gets approval from the Supreme Court. THAT is homophobic. And see, no one dies.

I don't like people from USC, guess what? I have never killed one.

Gays can deal with homophobia. And with wit.

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