Thursday, August 24, 2023

Let me just say this about Bears and Wolves

 I've watched Yellowstone, but more importantly, I have heard my mom and Nick talk about wolves. We generally agree, so a small disagreement about whether to protect or kill wolves that attack domestic animals or not kill them is a blip in our discussions.


The article below is the kind of hypocritical talk that makes people living with wolves just annoyed at us. Why, even I ask, are bears on the shit list to be culled. But wolves attacking cattle or sheep are worth saving. It is hard to think of a reason besides we don't live where wolves are.

It is hard to think about this trade-off and not acknowledge that these bears annoy rich people right now and that wolves don't affect those rich people - except in the abstract.

Now, to be honest, I don't have a dog in this hunt. I lived where predators were less freaky. Coyotes are not a threat to people and really only kill small pets left outside. Mountain Lions are too rare and too cute right now to be a threat. Hell, a mountain lion was living on someone's porch in the Hollywood Hills at night, and the owner sent pictures out to the internet. The odd pussy cat or Yorkie lost to the very rare Mountain Lion doesn't register the same as a bear or wolf.

Also if Long Island Lucy had her precious chihuahua attacked by a wolf, there would be a massive outcry to kill it.

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