Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Is there anything Blue and Red America Agree on?

We have all gotten so stuck in our own mindsets, that we ascribe bad intentions onto almost everything and every decision that the "other" side makes. It is short-sighted of us all - red and blue - because if we cannot agree on anything, we can't attack problems that all Americans suffer from.

Think of these things that are real problems we can no longer discuss rationally.

  • Who the ACTUAL President is
  • Climate Change
  • Voting Restrictions
  • Law breaking by Donald Trump
  • The Jan 6th insurrection
  • Law breaking by Hunter Biden
  • Inflation rate
  • "Woke" policies
  • Censorship of Libraries
  • Parental choice in all school subjects
  • Slavery (really)
  • College Education
  • "Elites"
  • Car rules (MPG requirements, Pollution requirements)
  • Coal and Oil
  • Coal and Oil subsidies
  • Electric cars
  • Should Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion be illegal
  • Should we pull out from investing in any fund that allows DEI companies in its portfolio
  • The Oxford Comma
  • Ukraine
  • Alliances
  • Russia
  • X / Twitter
  • Elon Musk

What can we actually discuss:

  • China

This is not a recipe for national success.

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