Monday, August 14, 2023

A trip to the met last week - Van Gogh's Cypresses


There is a show at The Met in New York right now that looks at a number of Van Gogh's paintings through the look of Cypres trees. He loved the trees and painted them into a number of paints. He found the trees to be unique and could look very natural or sometimes flames. It was cool. Here are some pictures from the show - select to enlarge.

From his first "Arles" residency. He painted these first (in this exhibition) in Arles (a town on the French Mediterranean Sea.

In both of those paintings, the Cyprus trees are in the background.

After Arles he took refuge in an asylum in Saint-Rémy. There they gave him a studio so he could paint while there. Later then let him wander and he painted in the area. This is the period where he painted Starry Night.

You may wonder why I have not included Starry Night here. Well the painting is normally at The Met and I visit it nearly every time I am there. However, on this trip because it was a Van Gogh Exhibition, it was MOBBED. I had no desire to join the scrum.

The most interesting time of his paintings to was when he left the asylum and returned to Arles. These pictures not only show Van Gogh, but also his " faux pointillism" phase. I loved them.

 I'm a bit sad it leaves on August 27th, because John and Sue are coming out for the tennis on the 30th, and Susie would love this show.


  1. He's one of my favorites and I like his pointillism stuff best.

  2. Yea, it was a great show! I do love him.


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