Tuesday, August 15, 2023

A short explainer for my British friends on the Trump Indictment(s) Status

Well, another one popped up. It might be good for my British friends to explain a bit about the 4 different indictments.

1. On March 30, Trump was indicted in New York in a complex case. The root cause was Trump instructed his lawyer (Micheal Cohan) to pay off a porn start (Stormy Daniels) $130,000 in hush money without letting anyone know and it was a campaign violation - during the 2016 Presidential campaign. This is a misuse of campaign funds and disclosure crimp that was committed in a national election. That is how the New York DA's are going forward. This is a State charge filed in New York.

2. On July 9th, Trump was indicted in a Federal Criminal case regarding his mishandling of classified documents. On July 27th the indictment was updated to a more serious case because Trump actually shared secure military secrets by showing a document that he had illegally - and that there is a recording showing that he did this, and knew it was illegal. This is a federal charge filed in Florida.

3. On Aug 3rd, Trump was indicted by the Special Investigator for his participation in the Jan 6, 2021 assault on the Capital and our Democratic system. This is a detailed but short indictment. It is designed to be tried quickly, without his co-conspirators being charged. It makes this simple and quick. This is a federal charge in a DC court.

4. Yesterday, on August 15th, Trump was indicted with a lot of other defendants by the Atlanta, Georgia DA. The charges here cover the conspiracy to overturn the sate of Georgia's election result. The indicted include Rudy Gulliani and others. This is a state charge in Georgia.

You may ask what the difference in State charges vs. Federal Charges. Besides a different set of appeals processes, the state charges in reference to Trump breaking state law, versus the federal charges which are reference to Trump breaking federal law.

It also means that even if Trump is elected President, he cannot "pardon" himself in state trials. So charges 1 and 4 would remain.

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