Monday, July 24, 2023

The pain of being Part-American

Gays have joined pregnant women in being part-Americans. I know you think this is a rant. But it isn't. Just an acknowledgment that I am not a full-American. Not through my choice, I like being an American, but by a bunch of old white men don't think I deserve to be.

We aren't Americans have rights. This Supreme Court, with the active help of Congress - or the inactive non-support of Congress - has declared women and LGBT Americans partial Americans.

Americans have rights. Pregnant women and LGBT people HAD rights that have been taken away. Pregnant women, depending on the state, now are required to carry to term a child. And to carry to term the effects of rape. And to carry to near-term fetuses with terminal problems. And to carry to term pregnancies that will cause life threatening complications, at least until those pregnancy cause hemorrhaging, sepsis, or near death experiences. And these decisions are left up to individual states. So your state can decide haw many rights a woman has.

On the other hand, states are NOT allowed to decide to protect gay people. Even if a state has declared that equal protection is a state fundamental right, tough shit says the Supreme Court. If you can pretend your religion does not support the humanity of certain people, you're fucked. This includes right now any who preforms a "creative" service. In Oklahoma that includes judges and justices of the peace that don't approve of gay marriage. Apparently, Oklahoma has decided that marriage is a "creative" service.

Or really that LGBT aren't full Americans.

It's not just that we are now partial Americans - but the Supreme Court has downgraded us to "less than" full Americans. We did have rights. Fuck off says the Supreme Court. With the full backing of Congress.

Pregnant women and LGBT people are now partial Americans. Blacks to the police are now partial Americans even when crimes against them are captured on camera.

Right now we can vote. Albeit not on our actual rights - but just to elect more old white men that tell us we aren't really citizens.

And to tell the truth, it is deflating, sad, and heartbreaking to those of us who love our contry.

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