Friday, July 14, 2023

The (musical) Third Man in London

 Ed and I went to London for a quick week to see The Third Man. Our friend Sam was in the show, and we have friends there, we thought it would be a fun quick trip. And it was.

About The Third Man.

I must admit I haven't ever seen it, despite its rapturous reputation in England. Turns out, it is better to have missed the movie.

Most of the reviews were negative and nearly all compared it to the movie - and found it lacking. It is a dark story and perhaps not every story should be a musical. Having said that, the four of us really enjoyed it (we took Jane and Laura with us).

Sam was excellent. I know that sounds self-serving since we went expressly to see him, but it is true. He is on stage, mainly singing, for the entire 2 1/2 hour show - bar two songs a nightclub singer does. And Sam sings very well. He sounded really good singing with the lead woman. And his a ting was good.

Some really strange choices, most referencing the movie, which confused the uninitiated in the audience. Seriously, I still don't understand the vanishing parrot or the odd balloon man. And lots of distracted running around.

Having said all that, it really is a pretty dark show for a musical, without the light touches of other dark shows. Like the funny bickering owners of a run-down pub in Les Miserables. Or the uplifting La Bohemé from Rent. Or the ending of Miss Saigon (the little boy going home with his dad, not the suicide of his mom).

I don't think you will see it move to the West End or Broadway, but I am glad I saw it.

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