Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Supremes, Web Designers, and Gays

So, as you know, the Supreme court has ruled and said that a web designer, and by extension, anyone who has a religious objection to gay people in any of our silly ass LGBTQAI letters does not have to serve us. This is despite the Colorado nondiscrimination laws that outlaw this sort of discrimination.

As a gay man trying to find a solution that makes everyone happy, I propose the following. 

Allow discrimination, but put some identifying marker everywhere so we all know to support or not support the business. 

A little LGBT with a slash through it. It has to be on every website, physical presence, and advertisement. Or a rainbow with a slash through it. Or a big "No Gays Allowed" since they have no requirement to serve us (like the No Blacks Allowed signs in the 1960s).

That way people who hate fags can support the business and people that don't hate gays don't have to. For the majority of people, I don't think it would make a difference. But for those people, both gay and straight, where it matters, we all know.

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