Saturday, July 22, 2023

Stupid Shit I won't be discussing....

Republicans are in election mode (it has been almost a year since our last one). And this are the idiotic stories I can't even think about, much less discuss.

  • Representative Marjorie Taylor Green showed pictures of Hunter Biden (President's son) screwing on the Congressional floor. Not illegal, just what MJT thinks is "news-worthy".


  • Presidential Candidate De Santas doesn't believe the Jan 6th insurrection was an insurrection. "If they believe it, let them bring charges and find them guilty. Show me the evidence". So far, over 100 people have been convicted, with at least 20 convicted of sedition - you know - on evidence. 
  • Florida requires that school explain that "slavery taught black people skills they could use later.
  • Florida requires that schools teach that raids and riots where whites killed blacks (Tulsa 1921, Ocoee Florida in 1920 when a black man tried to vote, etc) must now be taught that black people fought on both sides. Like when White Tulsans murdered 120+ black people and looted everyone of their business - yes I am sure black people attacked other blacks too.
  • Representative MJT and Lauren Boebert called each other bitches on the House floor.
  • A resolution to "expunge" Trump's impeachments was introduced in the house with over 100 co-sponsors.
  • Governor of Texas has put floating razor wire "border" in the Rio Grande. Netting underneath means you can't swim under it, and coils of razor means you can climb them. It has already killed multiple people in the days it has been up.

  • Multiple states have been tracking pregnant women, and internet searches for abortion support to track down women trying to terminate their pregnancies. 
  • Multiple states are now tracking trans people who have to leave some states to get support.
  • Multiple states have outlawed drag shows.
  • Hundred of libraries are closing across the country because they are defunded when librarians refuse to censor books.
It is a shit show. And these are only the ones off the top of my head I just cannot think about without my head hurting.

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