Thursday, July 20, 2023

Not sure they get the point

 So... no one is thrilled with a Biden / Trump rematch - which is where this seems to be going in 16 months. One of the biggest complaints is their age. Either one would be the oldest person ever elected President. Biden will be 81 and Trump will be 78. I tend to agree that this is way to freaking old, but I don't have a better plan.

Both born during the 2nd World War....

"No Labels" is a third party movement - as in they have never fielded a candidate after years of thinking about it. Earlier this year they decided maybe this was the election. People are not thrilled with either choice, and so they want to give us a third candidate. Some one new and exciting, not tied to the past.

That person is (drumroll please). Joe Manchin - an old school Democrat who hates fighting climate change and loves coal, but otherwise is kind of a mushy democrat. I mean, he keeps the Senate Majority in Democratic hands. But...

Kids, if the ages of Trump and Biden are near the limits of what is acceptable. How does Manchin fix this? Joe Manchin will be 76 at the time of the election. And, aside from a uncompromising no on climate change, what does he bring to the table. Okay, he doesn't have a great record on civil rights or voting rights, but it is better than the Republicans. Which is just the kind of lukewarm chicken shit that annoys voters.

It isn't clear which candidate he will screw over worse, probably Biden. But now the No Labels team said they won't run if they are spoilers. What else do you expect? They have no candidates for House, Senate or state elections. Despite our dreams of a true independent, that ain't it.

Definitely not the man of our dreams.

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