Saturday, July 22, 2023

Many of you have no idea how tired we are of Trump's antics

We have at least a year and a half of this incessant non-stop shit show.


He's on TV again. He's in the news again. He's fucking with all of our legal systems again. He's sapping the very soul out of us.

His news coverage over the last 7 years (so far!) is unrivaled (except WWII). He has been on TV more than Republican's pet bug-a-boos: immigration, voting rights, "woke", and more. He has been on TV more that the Vietnam war was over the entire 12 years. 

He is on more that President Biden who has presided over the greatest job growth ever. Biden has dropped covid-inflation by 75%. Biden finally got infrastructure funding passed - after Trump failed to even get a plan for his many many "infrastructure weeks".

Why? Because a car-crash is more fun to show that a a well running car that just goes forward.

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