Thursday, July 13, 2023

Lazy and Wrong

 The headline is pretty damn deceptive....

Here is the problem with simplistic and non-holistic stories like this crap. Let me just point some shit out here (because someone on Facebook or some other media will tell us how climate change isn't real of cannot be fixed).

First, the study the author is quoting incorrectly is here.

The author decries natural gas by saying that even 0.2% of gas leading is bad as coal. Well, this is pretty much bullshit. This number is compared against a coal plant which runs very clean coal (1.5% sulfur), has scrubbers that take out 90% of pollutants with NO coal methane leaked. That leaves about ZERO coal energy accounts. Using real coal energy production, the numbers for methane leakage to meet that population of coal are at 4% and 7.6%, at 20 and 200 year life cycles.

Look, I get annoyed at doom and gloom scenarios that aren't real. First, there are enough that are real. And second, every report that is exaggerated like this can be used to deny the entire problem of climate change.

Ultimately the world has to change to wind, solar, nuclear, and hopefully tidal or fusion. To tide over the world until that is all in place, natural gas is by far the best option.

(said in the voice I use for Trevor) "Bad author, bad author."

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