Tuesday, July 25, 2023

I'm Your Father Luke

So today I was going to walk Junie.  Now it was warm, but it is 8:00, so not terrible.

I get into the elevator and there is a handyman for their building going up with a couple of us. As I go in, I hear Darth Vader in the elevator. As it climbs up, the difficult breathing continues. 

Now Junie's mom lives in housing that has a number of retired Broadway people, so I figure it is one of them. Then I look around - there is a handyman in the elevator, and it is him. And his breathing gets worse as we go high and people get off the elevator.

I look and realize he has a pipe-wrench, a wrench, and a couple of screwdrivers in his hand. This man is going to do repairs! I hope he is in the union, because other wise you are hiring emphysema suffers to fix your building, and I fear for him.

That's all.

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