Thursday, July 27, 2023

I'd like to Raft Down the Tara River

 I've driven between Bosnia and Montenegro a few times. There are some good roads. And then there is the road that wasn't good (maybe changed in 5 years), but was one of the most beautiful I have been on.

It runs a back route along a river valley or two. And, just outside the city of Hum on the map there are white water rafting trips down the Tara River. You can start in Bosnia or Montenegro, the raft companies run on both sides.

Sarajevo to Hum is in Bosnia Herzegovina
Hum to Kotor is in Montenegro
Hum is where the rafting is

I would love to do this someday. The waters are calmer than the big rivers in the United States. They are more gentle and the rapids are mainly not very huge. It is good for families after the May and June thaws.

I am going to post some shit about it here, and I want to go. Who's up for next July (mainly joking) before I am too old.

These are my pictures of the region - although they don't show any of this, it does show the area in April as I drove through this. i did not take a ton of pictures right near the river.

Yes, this is right where the ricketiest border crossing I've ever been to is. 

I later found this is where you "camp" for a two day trip.

The Tara Canyon from above. I drove on those roads!

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