Tuesday, July 11, 2023

I love a Model Village

Now here in the states, a "model village" is normally something small you build, often with a little train going around it, usually in someone's garage. BUT, in England a "Model Village" is more, much more, than that. It is an outdoor microcosm of a city. In Beaconsfield, it is a generic (but extremely detailed) generic village.

But in Godshill on the Isle of Wight, the model village is a model of THE village of Godshill. And it was good fun.

This is Jane and Ed in the Model Village. Which has in it, a Model of the Model Village!

A model of the church on the hill - Hence the name "Godshill"

Same church with wé lil' wedding going on

Shankiln Main Street

I love the plants and "trees" here.

Oh, and we saw the gardeners.

Dad joke

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