Sunday, July 16, 2023

Doom scrolling watch

 I have been trying to ignore Trump. And I will continue. I see the media and others get caught up in Trump-orama, and that is only good news for Trump and bad news for the rest of us.

But, I do have to mention this new "Agenda 47" that his supporters and conservative think tanks are preparing. When the Economist is worried, I think it is time to investigate.


This is what I have managed to gather, at the highest level. Very conservative members who are working to bring back Trump have identified some earlier problems. First, that infrastructure of democracy thwarted them all, and they have promised to fix it.

First, they plan to immediately fire over 500 people and replace them with Trump "true believers". 

Second, they have created what the Economist calls, a Conservative Linked In to get people ready to populate the government completely.

Third, they gave drafted and written plans how to turn over the Department of Justice to replace it with a compliant Trump focussed political police force.

What worries me the most here is that this planning will pay off whenever ANY Republican becomes President. It has been set up with the specific focus of bringing Trump a secure team ready to implement his promises starting day 1, but it will easily implementable once it is planned. Here is Salon's summary to Agenda 47 - and the LINK to the official report.

Agenda 47 would consist of an end to birthright citizenship, further criminalizing transgender people and the LGBTQI community more broadly, expanding the thought crime and other censorship laws to end the teaching of "critical race theory" and to defeat "Woke" and "Black Lives Matter", attacking academic freedom and replacing it with "patriot education", implementing a national stop and frisk law, pardoning the Jan. 6 terrorists, putting homeless people in camps or some other designated area under threat of arrest, building high tech "freedom cities", ending the professional civil service and replacing it with right-wing political appointees and other such partisan agents, gutting the Department of Justice and other parts of the government that opposed Trump's attacks on democracy and the rule of law, executing drug dealers, starting a trade war with China, and making "peace" with Vladimir Putin by withdrawing support for the Ukrainian people and their freedom struggle. 

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