Saturday, July 22, 2023

A Constitutional Test

 What we have here is a Constitutional Test that should be a no-brainer.  In June the Supreme Court, surprisingly to me, ruled that Alabama's present Congressional map is not in compliance with Voting Rights Act. Alabama's legislature had drown the map to pull all blacks into one black majority district, and divided the rest so that the other 6 districts are majority white. This despite the fact that Alabama is 1/3 black.

The court required that Alabama redraw the districts to include at least one more majority black district. 

They have redrawn the districts. But it is still out of compliance with the Supreme Court's rule. Alabama is saying "no way" to the Supreme Court. Hence a Constitutional crisis. 

The United States does have a history of state defiance of the Supreme Court - in relation to slavery and states that want to ignore rulings (called "nullification"). And thus, the Civil War occurred to enforce these rulings. 

What does the Supreme Court do? And when. The court is out of session until October, and even then controversial rulings are not issued until next June. By which time, Alabama is betting, it will be "too late" to change the districts for the 2024 election.

Alabama, following Trump's playbook, is openly defying the United States Government. Will we do anything. PS - LGBT rights are next if states get to ignore the Supreme Court. Texas still has a law making gay sex illegal. If Alabama is allowed to defy the court, others will follow.

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