Tuesday, June 20, 2023

This is what happens when you constantly demagogue gays

 Well, the constant barrage of Fox News has changed the acceptance of gay people, gay marriage and transsexuals. It turns out if you can changes people's opinions by constantly lying about them. Fox News and the run up to the 2024 election (really) has provided a pretty non-stop indictment of gays calling us child molesters. They have referred to trans people and anyone who treats them civilly  as evil and determined to overthrow the country.

And it has worked on their viewers. From the article...


Americans’ support for same-sex relationships dropped from 2022 to 2023, amid an intense campaign against LGBTQ rights, according to a newly released Gallup poll.

The phone-based poll of 1,011 adults found 64 percent of respondents describe same-sex relationships as “morally acceptable.” That figure is down from 71 percent in 2022, and represents the largest percentage change of any of the issues (including abortion, the death penalty, and birth control) included on the poll.

The change was largely driven by self-identified Republican respondents. Last year, 56 percent of Republicans told Gallup they approved of same-sex relations. This year, only 41 percent supported them, reflecting conservative campaigns against LGBTQ rights, from laws prohibiting discussion of LGBTQ issues in schools, to attacks on Pride-themed displays in stores.

“The current figure is the lowest Gallup has measured for Republicans since 2014 (39%),” Gallup found.

Conservatives have used LGBTQ rights as a cudgel over the past year, with right-wing outlets like Fox News falsely calling the Pride flag a sign of “grooming and pedophilia” when it flew on the White House this week, and GOP lawmakers attacking companies like Target for selling Pride merchandise this month. Donald Trump remarked on Republicans’ newfound animus for LGBTQ issues—notably transgender rights—during a speech this month, when he observed that his audience was less enthusiastic about tax cuts than they were about his attacks on trans rights.

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