Friday, June 23, 2023

Not just Dan Crenshaw, but just an example

 I don't hate Dan Crenshaw. I am not a fan of his politics, but I don't hate him at all. I mean his last name is from the street both my father and mother got married on (not to each other). Anywho.. what is screwed up is the attention and cost this stupid ass sub rescue cost.

They are billionaires in that sub. They can either afford to pay for their own search OR not go on a unsafe sub. Either way, 5 people. And in the 5 days we have been focused on saving billionaires, this shit has happened.

12 mass shootings happened 
          27 dead
          139 injured

1 Migrant ship overturned
            82       dead
            100 +  injured
            550     missing

So I don't think 5 dead billionaires that put themselves in harm's way is worth the millions spent looking for them. The only answer is that we don't value normal American deaths or migrant deaths. In fact, the "value" of 1 billionaire to the rest of us is worth 150 migrant lives. *

* Note that this isn't really the "only" answer. the real answer is that humans are much more empathetic to the victims of a small tragedy we can related to that giant numbers we cannot relate to.  

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