Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Little Miss Muffet

For some unknown reason last night as I lay sleeping, I woke up with questions about the nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet. I thought I would share.

  1. Little Miss Muffet brings up images of "Little Lord Fauntleroy".
    Is she a spoiled brat? Who calls her "Little Miss Muffet" anyway? The servants in a mocking voice. "Here comes Little Miss Muffet. What does that damn devil child want now?"
  2. Muffet?
    Do they know in England that "muff it" means to screw the pooch in athletics. I know this because playing right field in baseball I was told I "muff it" more than occasionally.
  3. Tuffet?
    It sound like she is sitting on just one tuff of a nip and tucked sofa. Who uses the word tuffet anymore anyway? I think I shall go to friends house and when they say,"can I get you a chair?" I will respond, "No. I'll just sit on the tuffet here, Thanks." And then study their faces.
  4. Curds AND Whey.
    Gross. I have learned since living with a Wisconsinite that raw sour milk is divided into curds, from which they make cheese and whey, which they use instead of salt to ice roads. 
  5. Spider
    And isn't she uppity about spiders? Girl, he sat down beside you. He didn't hurt you. He didn't even give you the evil eye. No, just a spider living his best spidy life and you go all apeshit and scream.
  6. Run Away
    Probably the best for you to leave the area. And leave the staff alone while you're at it.

Anyway, how was your night?


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