Thursday, June 8, 2023

Good News From the Supreme Court!!!

Well, today must be one of those times even a stopped clock is right!

The Supreme Court released 2 orders today that are very good news. And yes, there were serious indications that both decisions might go the other way.

1. The Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision to say that Alabama to redistrict to protect the votes of Blacks. Black make up over 25% of the states and yet there was a black majority in only 1 of the 7 districts. The Supreme Court ruled that he gerrymandering there ran afoul of the Voting Rights Act.  Yay!

2. The Supreme Court reaffirmed the right of people on Medicare to sure nursing homes that are abusive. There was a real push to NOT allow this because the government is paying for the stay and therefore they would have the right to sue. And only the government. Now (still) individuals can sue private nursing homes for costs and order to repair.

That is great news.

Note: June is when the big decisions are usually posted before their adjournment in July to October.

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