Monday, June 5, 2023

A Tribute from a Friend to his Husband who passed.

Ed showed me this. Watch it. Please. It is from our friend Mark and a tribute to his partner, Gary - who died of AIDS.

Before Ed, my partner Mark (a different one) passed away. The Mark who made this was great friends with my Mark, Cunningham. There are pictures of him in this tribute, but that is not whyI say to watch it. I say it because it captures the time, the life and death of my friends. It is a tribute not only to Gary, but to a group of people I loved and lost.

It is important to remember. It is love to remember. It is love to be.

As for my husband Eddie, he knows how important my past is to me. Ed loves me for these people and my history. In fact, my Eddie saw this and sent it to me. This story is a part of me I won't forget and changed my life then and now.

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