Friday, May 19, 2023

Quietly Checking out more and more

The 2023 looked to be a good year in the beginning. I won't go over how it all turned to shit. Or why "political discourse" has turned into a monkey flinging shit at visitors. But I will say that Kurt Vonnegut makes me feel better and better about it.

A friend's new(ish) girlfriend reminded me of why I love Mr. Vonnegut so much. And nearly every day now, he (an my stoic principals) remind me that I must accept what I cannot change. I don't have to like it, but I have to go from here.

And here, Kurt helps me...

So... Welcome to the Monkey House


  1. I think there is probably more good, kind, and brave people in this country that angry zealots. They just don't get the media attention as much. Crazy makes a lot of noise and sells. Good rarely makes noise and often doesn't want or get attention. I'd like someone to do a 1/2 hour news show that reports only good stuff.

    1. I know you are right. I just pray (okay, hope) that they vote!


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