Monday, May 22, 2023

I think showing these will bring about a protest similar to Vietnam

I think when television news started showing the devastation, deaths, and horror of war - that was one of the key things that motivated people to oppose the Vietnam War. 

Similarly, I think showing the victims of gun violence will waken people to the horrors of gun violence. I don't think it will be easy or comforting. But the story of the impacts must be told.

Stories of old white guys shooting people "by accident" or because the shooters are mentally ill simply takes us away from the reality, and places us as innocent bystanders. People rendered helpless in the face of gun deaths.

It is easy to turn off images of cops storming a school. It is much more difficult to ignore images of children who survived a school shooting. CNN will now show survivors, but only if they parents agree. And many parents will agree because that is the only way to get through to people Sure, it might not work, but victims of gun violence will do almost anything to stop it.


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