Thursday, April 20, 2023

The Chimney

 We took a trip to The Chimneys last week-end with Jane. It was an old estate built during prohibition, by a family of liquor makers. It was cool, and the basement fixtures were still there and great. The rest of the interior has been taken over by a Jewish children's school and Synagog. Which sucks for the interior,  but did save the building.

The pool and bar areas.

The painted works still in the renovated bathroom / closet.

Painted on the opposite side of glass in the tub area.

A Wedgwood, yes Wedgwood China border that went all the way around her bathroom
(which was huge)

Close up of carved dragon

The outside of the house.

The original house to the left, "Children'sWing" on the right.

Some of the 28 different chimneys and styles.

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