Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Hello Texas!

 Texas has brought us a lot of shitty ideas lately. And this week they have added one more. The new reason for reprimanding a teacher, she taught the students about their legal and constitutional rights. Really.  Her is the teacher and the reprimand.

It adds to the list of things Texas does not allow teachers to do:

  • Discuss sexuality until 8th grade
  • Fire anyone who does not dress "according to their biological gender"
  • Be transgender. If so to prosecute parents for child abuse.
  • Plan (so far passed by 1 of the legislative branches) that allows Chaplins with no education training to function as guidance counselors in schools. 



  1. Sounds like teachers are not allowed to teach in Texas but in fact indoctrinate kids toward white supremacy. I think Florida and Texas are in a race to see who can be the least democratic.

  2. SMH. We went through sex education in the 6th grade.