Wednesday, April 12, 2023

A Statue of Verdi in New York

 There is a beautiful statue of the Italian composer Verdi in a small park outside one of the original underground subway stops. The picture below shows the statue in early spring, before the trees leaf.

I have wondered why it was there and the explanation is below the image...

Behind the Verdi Statue you can see a gorgeous old condo building.

The Verdi monument was unveiled on October 12, 1906, the 414th anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of America. The day began with a march of Italian societies from Washington Square to the site at Broadway and West 72nd Street. Over 10,000 people attended the unveiling, attesting to the significance of the occasion in uniting Italian-Americans in celebration of their cultural and artistic heritage. The sculptures were unveiled by Barsotti’s grandchild who pulled a string that released a helium balloon, lifting the monument’s red, white and green shroud (the colors of the Italian flag). As it peeled away, a dozen doves - concealed in its folds - were released into the air, and flowers cascaded from the veil upon the participants.

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