Friday, March 3, 2023

Well, I AM an an Expert Gay....

 It is very odd, interesting and fun that something I have thought about a lot is happening by happenstance. Ed was contacted about working with High School kids, usually in GSA clubs - Gay Straight Alliance. 

Ed and I spoke to the coordinator for "Living Out Loud", and we are both now signed up with this non-profit to be role models for high school students. We go, talk about ourselves, our lives and our journeys.

I did my first talk yesterday at Metropolitan High School in Queens. It was cool and fun. I meet a bunch of students. We talked about life, growing up, being comfortable with ourselves, being gay, being unattractive - I disabused them of that unattractive thing. 

About that, I gave them my best advice. "After working in a bar for 7 years, I find that people are attracted to different and often specific types. And your are someone's perfect type. You may feel like crap about yourself, I often do. But meeting people opens you to learn that a) you're much more than your looks and b) your are always SOMEONE's type."

It was rewarding, and nerve wracking, but I can't wait to do it again.

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