Thursday, March 23, 2023

This is an asinine change

 I think Unions were the backbone of our country. They worked for safety and equitable pay.

And then there are New York Unions. They suck. For me, one of the most annoying is the Sanitation Workers who deal with trash pick up. Because of the Union, trash bags line the street every other or every 3rd night. The trucks rumble through and pick up the trash, unless they decide the bag is too heavy.

This system leads to rats on the street, massive smells on the street and dogs peeing on the trash bags, which must be terrible for the workers.

Now I think we all know the solution. Bins. Either single bins for households or large bins for condos and such. Bins that, everywhere else I have lived, are accessed automatically by trucks. This hasn't occurred in New York.

But now! Well they have finally approved a test case to use bins. Images below. The only problem becomes obvious when you look at the images. There is still no way to access the bins except for manually opening and closing them with a lock. So the city is "progressing" in a way that is still lame as hell.

From the resident's side

From the city side. Are those pallets to empty them automatically?
No. Those are hand locked bins that must be emptied by Sanitation workers every time.

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