Tuesday, March 14, 2023

The Lucas Museum of Self-Congratulation or Narrative Art?

I recently was reading about the progress on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. First, to be honest, I never heard of it. I suppose I am not privy to the machinations of LA neighborhood fighting so I missed this.

Also it reminds me I am 16 years away from my city. Which makes me sad, but I will go on.

Apparently George Lucas is building a museum to the "Narrative Arts" (more on that later) on an unused parking lot in Los Angeles on an old and ugly parking lot next to the LA Coliseum. It is a rather cool, spaceship-y thing that is very cool now and possibly very dated in 20 minutes.

It sits in Exposition Park along with a new outdoor stadium / concert venue that is a lot smaller than the Coliseum.  I saw in progress pictures that also seem to imply the entire neighborhood is super gentrified. And yes, the irony is not lost on me that Los Angeles has these beautiful new facilities (Broad Museum, Academy Museum, SoFi Stadium, etc.) in a city that prices people out of homes and into living in camps, tents and cars all over the city.

Anyway, it is cool and intersecting building, but it might be a $100 Million vanity project for George Lucas. We will see.

But I actually like the idea as presented on their website (here). Not just because it has theaters, learning spaces, places to interact. It also has a co-chairman and board that will make sure it is not focussed on Lucas Films. The are looking how different visual arts tells a story. Look at the pictures below.

The stories the images provoke are quick and visceral.  Barbers or stylist getting clients and friends ready to face the world. I had to look up the final image. It is the ancient gods getting Cadmus ready to bring enlightenment to the Greeks. Cadmus brought writing to the Greeks from the Assyrians. 

It could be quite cool.

Progress so far...

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