Saturday, March 11, 2023

Maybe not now...

 Winter snow in Yosemite makes a magical place seem pretty heavenly. Since this picture was taken, an "atmospheric river" of warm wet air has blown in. This has delivered up to 8 new feet of snow in the high Sierras, but a lot of rain/snow mix in Yosemite Valley (at around 4,000 feet as I recall) and probably a mess on the ground.

But these are the pictures from a week ago from the beautiful place on Earth. Okay, one of, but my top pick (when crowds are not horrible).

PS : I am back from Florida, where winter (and old New Yorkers) go to die.

Okay this might be the Upper Yosemite Falls as it says, but it is from a viewpoint you can't find in the Valley. Maybe from a drone?

If you drive into Yosemite from the south (Fresno, Los Angeles, SanDiego) this is THE VIEW coming out of the tunnel. This is where everyone stops to take this picture. Bridalveil Falls on the right.

This is the Merced River that flows through the valley. The lumps are rocks and the large flat portions are meadows. Assuming I recognized this correctly.

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