Friday, March 3, 2023

Daily Stoic: Where philosophy begins

 Today's meditation really circles us around to our own goals.

An important place to begin in philosophy is this: a clear perception of one's own ruling principle.


I like that "one's own ruling principle". What is that for each of us? Do no harm? Don't sacrifice your plans for other people's pains (unless that are dopes)? Expand my horizons by learning about other cultures? 

For the ancient Stoics, many of their ruling principles were to study philosophy, learn and share what they can, and try to improve the live's of their countrymen.

What is important to each of us? And how does it change with age, and knowledge, and circumstances?

How the "scarcity" mindset is difficult to overcome.
Often this happens because we don't have the resources to focus on our principals.
This is bad, but not the worse thing. You can still focus what you can on your principals.

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