Thursday, March 16, 2023

Daily Stoic: Personal

 There are some things I think would be almost impossible to be Stoic about. That is, there are things I can accept as done and devise a solution. In the moment there are things I can deal with I never knew I could, Mark's illness being the prime example.

And then there are things that would be impossibly tough. Okay, impossible tough for me and many others, but not everyone.

My brother has cancer. He has lived with it for a while. But it has moved from the original location and it now threatening his life.  "Threatening" is too loose a word, to say it all obliquely. 

And yet, he is dealing within so much better than other people I know. He has faced it, taken care of everything and is prepared. He is loving the time he has with his wife.

I am so proud of him, you can't believe it. And even though we did not grow up together, I am proud somehow. He is thinking of his wife and his friends and enjoying himself.

Here is a picture of he and his wife at the Super Bloom in Lake Elsinore just recently.

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