Monday, March 20, 2023

Daily Stoic: Murder in Alabama

 I have understood enough I think I have learned enough from studying this that I shall stop posting "Daily Stoic" updates. But I will occasionally posted how it helps or hinders me.

I will start with the Alabama Basketball Team, because it infuriates me. Their star, Brandon Miller, is a killer basketball player. In more way than one.

(This is the Basketball's Team story - I am not making this up.) On January 15th, Brandon Miller had a gun in his car. How it got there is in dispute. But Miller's friend - Darrius Miles who owned the gun - called Brandon Miller and had him bring Mile's gun to a club. Miller did and gave Miles the gun. Miles was in the car with another player, Buzz Davis and a woman Jonea Harris. Miles gave the gun to Buzz Davis. In an argument Jonea Harris, mother of a 5 year old, was shot and killed by Davis.

Alabama police said there is nothing they can do to Brandon Miller - star of the Alabama Basketball team. Nothing to charge him with. To which one must say bullshit. In driving over and providing the gun, Brandon would be guilty (or at least charged) with accomplice to some degree of Homicide. In California and many other states, he would be charged with Homicide as he directly provided the means.

Brandon and his "boys will be boys" Coach
Evil personified

But if you are a star of Alabama's #1 Basketball Team, jack shit happens to you. Brandon Miller is playing in the NCAA Tournament now with nary a peep from the coach and team . No wait, the coach said "You can't control college kids. Brandon was in the wrong place at the wrong time." But he was in the wrong place with the murder weapon. And he was at the wrong place because he drove to the wrong place with the Murder weapon.

This infuriates me. Clearly because he is a star player for Alabama he is getting away with a major crime. The person in me is abjectly ruined by the fact that nothing has happened. But the practicing Stoic in me says, that ... the murder has happened. Grieving and gnashing will not help. In fact it is Alabama where the White Government is taking over the  courts in the only  major Black majority city of Jackson. The White State government is firing the city's DA's because they don't think Black People can be in charge of courts.

Wha can I do? Short term, nothing. All I can do is state the fuck away. To treat Alabama the same way I would treat Afghanistan. As a theocracy that takes the rights away from women, condemns trans people to zero treatment mentally or physically, and has passed laws to eliminate discussion of gays.

But I can't effect their politics or discrimination. And I will not let their evil overwhelm me.

Sometimes being a Stoic is shit. 

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